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Metamorphosis / Transformation Visions


I was able to see my heart in a vision. I saw it as if it was a transparent crystal. Behind it I saw a great and bright light, just like the sun. I could see the rays of light beaming through the crystal to the exterior world. The bright Light being defrayed into purple, blue, green, red and such.

However as I looked closer into the crystal there was a small image that resembled a cobweb. Once I saw this, I cried out to the Father, asking Him to clean everything impure in my heart, so that His Light could go through the crystal without any obstacle.

He told me, “I am cleaning it. I just needed to show you your current heart’s condition. But I am working on it”


I saw that I was on a lofty mountain and there was the Lord Jesus next to me. I asked him “what are we doing here?” to which His replied, “We are just spending time together”.

Since I was never close to my biological father, for me this had great impact. It was like just His Presence alone was healing me. As if His presence was completing an unfinished work inside of me. There was peace in His presence. In front of us we had the sea, we could feel the breeze of it, even though we were high up on the mountain. We could see other mountains from where we were. There was an amazing sunrise.

Suddenly the Lord Jesus reached out with His hand and went inside my chest. He took out my heart and put it on display in front of both of us. There was still peace. Out of the blue He started putting different color handkerchiefs in my heart that filled it; one was blue, the other one was purple and so on.

I asked Him “What are you doing?”, He told me “I am placing my Kingdom with Its different attributes inside of you, what you have had until now is only religion”

As I came back from this vision, my spiritual awareness was still there, I was able to sense in my heart a light that wasn’t there before and it would shine out.

VISION 3 – [continuation from previous vision]

I saw myself at the bottom of the lofty mountain. The weather was nice, one could feel the rays of light falling on your skin, they felt invigorating. Suddenly, I took off running all the way to the top of the mountain. At the end of the mountain, there was a cliff and then the sea. As I approached the cliff in order to proceed I knew I’d have to jump, like in a free fall; so I did, only to learn that I could fly. The second I jumped, I saw myself in like a hang glider. I kept flying for a while until I reached a cloud. I could see the only the sea underneath me. When I came out of the cloud, I was no longer in a hang glider but somehow I was still flying.

Further ahead I saw a big cloud composed of light that touched from heaven and all the way down to the ocean. The second I saw it, I longed to reach that cloud. A voice spoke in response to my thoughts saying “All you have to do is to keep moving forward”

Interpretation. The vision itself is a panoramic view of my spiritual progress, it could be of yours too.

Reaching the top of the mountain and then jumping off the cliff is a transition from me being in control to the Spirit being in charge and the spiritual realm. Flying means navigating in the sphere of what is unknown to me but which are His territories. The hang glider represents my mentors overseeing me, and the fact that there would be a time where I would be flying by myself without their direct supervision. The glistening cloud means fusion.


While I was at church I saw in the Spirit a waterfall and I heard a voice telling me “I introduce you to the realm of the Spirit” as I was crossing under the water.


I saw a waterfall covering me. It was refreshing. As it would touch my skin it would get absorbed inside of me.

Water in this case represents the Holy Spirit and His Word. In short, being filled with His Essence.


I was in the Spirit, somewhere in Eternity. God’s Light was beaming out in a very intense way but it was appealing and inviting. In a way that it would cause you to walk unto Him, to the Light.

As I was walking towards Him I could see how the darkness in me would be broken off. I would get filled with His essence, His Light, just by approaching Him and getting close to Him. I got so close to the source of radiance that I could no longer see myself but only His Light in me.


I saw in the Spirit how the world behind me was in darkness. However, in front of me in a different dimension, I was able to see the Kingdom and the radiance of the Light of God. I heard a voice say, “just focus on My Kingdom in order to mirror my radiance in the world you currently live in.”

VISION 8 – Vision of my mentor

She was in a big Christian crusade. Suddenly she sees a great mountain and all the people that were in that crusade traveling to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain what existed was the Glory of God. Suddenly some of the traveling people started falling down. The Lord told her “it is because they got distracted while they were seeking Me”


I saw a cloud composed of glistening light, a cloud of glory and it would wrap itself around me until it would create a bubble. This is what we call a Kingdom Sphere, in Spiritual language. While I was in it, I was able to perceive many attributes found in the Throne of God; power, wisdom, confidence, peace, security.

It was like there were no limits for me here in order to achieve dreams or goals. That super power that I had experienced while being in the Throne Room, I was able to enjoy as long as I would stay within it.


I saw what I could call a Great temple. I saw that I was actually in the Temple and that I happened to be one of the columns. The column was unfinished or raw. Immediately I saw a strong wind, like a twister going over the whole column and the portions it had already gone over looked like a perfectly carved column. One could see that on the remaining portions the wind was tearing apart the unneeded part of the stone. I heard a voice saying “I am forming you according to My likeness”


I was able to see that there was a portion of the Presence of God in me, but there was also more waiting to be released. In my vision, I saw a floodgate that would open little by little and behind it there was the uncontainable Sea of the Spirit of God. There was a lot!


I saw myself flying in the Spirit. A great sea was underneath me. What lied ahead was His glory covering heavens. Suddenly a light ray came out from amongst His glory and it pierced my spiritual body.


Yesterday as I was in the Spirit, I was in the base vision – the Spiritual beach. I was able to sense the wind of tranquility of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly I sensed how the Spirit was lifting me up in altitude, elevating me in His heavens. As this process was taking place, I would start disintegrating so that I would no longer be, but it would be Him in me. This was all this due to the higher dimensions He was causing me to flying in. Spiritual progress, transformation.