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Phase III: Mastery

Remember, the access point between us and the time of eternity, is the Presence of God. You will be able to pull more of these spiritual endowments as you spend time with God and practice accessing HIS presence. This is a lot like scuba diving for the first time and encountering an undersea world that you didn’t really know existed. The oxygen tank, in this instance, is God’s Presence. It is what enables you to freely go in and out. The diving suit you wear is the nature of Christ.

A good Agent knows that his/her training never really ends, you are always learning. Just as one supernatural perfecting phase ends, a new journey begins. You conquer something different in each and every phase you go through. This is a quest where the growing is mutual. With every assignment the Kingdom grows, but the Agent also grows.

The character and the inside fiber that you have developed in your training phase, is very important. It often determines the reach and expansion of the Kingdom. Remember “According to your faith may it be done unto you,” the power is available. God is giving you His back up as well as His gifts. It is not God, but us who determine the level of reach and impact of what we can conquer for the Kingdom.

A typical Christian facing a situation would often say “I’ll pray for you”. A Kingdom Agent would go into His Father’s chamber, getting the intel he/she needs. Then they would go to the person in need, share it, and pray according to the guidelines of the information they received breaking the strongholds needed in order to attain breakthrough. The kingdom is all about specifics. This is how you establish kingdom in the natural realm. It’s like dropping a spiritual bomb in order to bring supernatural spiritual change.

Before a Kingdom expression there always has to be a reaction. This means that where the Kingdom is things are never the same.

Seven characteristics and qualities that make a good Kingdom Agent:

• Intercession and knowing how to intercede to get break through
• Undertaking the assignments of the Spirit in a global arena as well as locally
• Conquering and establishing territory for the Kingdom.
• Bringing prisoners from the enemy’s camp into the Kingdom.
• Being a conduit of the Kingdom so that it flows with power through you, transforming the atmosphere around you
• Shinning His light

As these Kingdom qualities start being grafted and manifested through your life, the attributes of heaven like life, peace, tranquility and light will start manifesting in your life. Others will come to you because they will see you as a beacon of light that gives not only guidance but also provides warmth and shelter for them. God will make you increase and shine an eternal glory. He will make you a surplus of blessings and your light will never be extinguished. This is how you bring heaven to earth. Always remember, You were designed to shine…

Training continues… look for it in the other sections of the web-site.