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The best way to describe Spiritual Mapping, would be to use the analogy of a building – just like any building that has many floors, the Kingdom that we represent has many sections. It has rooms for training, rooms for teaching, rooms for strategies, rooms for decreeing, etc. By elevator we travel to each floor within the building “scanning” whatever is on each floor to get a better understanding of what’s in that building. Through the Holy Spirit, God shows us His Kingdom in different arenas ( i.e visions in the Spirit) so that we can get better acquainted with it. Once we are better acquainted, then we will be able to be a better representation of the kingdom and how it operates.

Remember, "vision" is when the Spirit of Truth shows you a picture or a canvas regarding situation. Whereas in "Spiritual Mapping" you will find yourself inside of a 360° vision. Both Visions and Spiritual mapping take place in eternity. In time, you will realize that you are being taken to an actual place in the spirit, outside of our realm. It took me three years of having these types of experiences before I realized this.

We believe there are people sensitive to the Spirit of God that are receiving similar visions all around the globe and that when reading this they will identify and hopefully it will bring peace and answers to their hearts. This will also be a tool to activate those who are not yet operating in this vision dimension.

One last word of advice, a vision / dream could have one or more interpretations given the fact that God is a multidimensional God. Most of the visions we are listing are self-explanatory; however, for some of them, we are including an interpretation in order to expand understanding. If the Lord gives you further interpretation, then so be it.

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away,
[in my thoughts] I will get to the mountain of myrrh and
to the hill of frankincense [to him whom my soul adores].
Song of Solomon 4:6 AMP

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