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This is where we find ourselves, between the battle of two kingdoms; the dominion of Light and the empire of darkness. The struggle is defined within men, expressing this battle through the evidence of their lives. Who do you live for? The Kingdom Agents allow the Light to shine through them, forgetting who the darkness wants them to be. That Light is Christ. The purpose of these Agents is to learn to let the Light of Christ shine to the shame of darkness. This interior transformation is the weapon that will shape the physical world and birth the heirs of the dominion of Light. The footsteps of the Kingdom Agents will usher in this Kingdom to the world. So then, whose Kingdom do you stand for? Your response will define your reality. You were made for and by Love, Peace and Eternity. You were made to conquer, made to be victorious. Everything that opposes this reality limits your purpose. Rediscover your true identity.