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Phase I: Metamorphosis

What is a Kingdom Agent?

A Kingdom Agent is someone who produces fosters a catalytic change in his or her surroundings by bringing a Kingdom atmosphere in which all circumstances line up with the reality of the Spirit and the realm of Heaven. This shift in atmosphere is accomplished through the use of supernatural power and /or gifts.

The “Kingdom” is not defined by a specific territory but rather by dominion and exercising that dominion in every realm.
Kingdom translations include: Malkuth (Hebrew) / Makita (Aramaic) / Basileia (Greek) = Kingdom. For our purposes, the translation “kingship”, “kingly rule”, “reign” or “sovereignty” is preferred. The mention of the Kingdom of God in scripture:

  • Occurs in the New Testament more than 100 times,

  • Is defined almost entirely by parable,

  • Is stated as being within a person,

  • And is entered through acceptance like a child, spiritual rebirth and doing the will of God.

Agent is defined as: Representative, delegated officer or authorized officer of a country, business or organization. Agents conduct business, undertake transactions or missions and manage diplomatic affairs on behalf of the office that commissioned them.


A Kingdom Agent is someone who is equipped, fully trained and is ready to be sent on a Kingdom assignment. They can face any circumstance and conquer it through the power and gifts of the Kingdom. An agent is someone who is acquainted with and knows how to access the power and reality of the Spirit. Someone who is propelled by the Spirit and is up to date with affairs concerning the Kingdom.


This training is divided into different phases. Phase I is where the individual breaks any association he/she may still have with the un-renewed DNA or rather anything lef t behind from the kingdom of darkness. Through this process you begin adopting the DNA of the Kingdom of Light. Phase II is Kingdom activation. This is where the supernatural powers are developed and begin heading for their “take off” platform. Phase III is Kingdom mastery. This consists of being commissioned or sent on assignment.

Phase I – Metamorphosis

The word transfiguration or metamorphosis appears at least 2 times in the Bible (Mt. 17:2, II Cor 3:18AMP). This word comes from the Greek word Metamorphoo which means, to transform, to change, to transfigurate, or to give shape.

The Kingdom of God is supernatural, therefore it is very important for all the un-renewed nature and dark DNA that still exists to be removed, so that we can adopt the true nature of the children of God as we were meant to be. This metamorphosis process allows the power and gifts of the Spirit to flow through the Agent without a blockage.

In order to complete this phase of training, a release of those areas that the opposite kingdom may still have over our mind (soul, heart or spirit) has to occur. We must also become more acquainted with the Kingdom of Light in order to successfully transfer over and navigate through it.

Remember this, the Kingdom from above, is a Kingdom of Impact.

The first thing you must conquer is yourself. Once you have attained this, you have the ability of conquering everything though the divinely implanted potential within you.

Interestingly, while your system is being aligned with the Kingdom of above, simultaneously you are being de-linked from the kingdom of beneath. The Kingdom beneath is hostility, aggressiveness, fear, control; all of which is against the Life, and truth of the Kingdom of Light In other words, a “nature exchange” is taking place. This process is Metamorphosis or

It is said that a prophet is a combination of knowledge + inspiration + interpretation. That is, being at the right place at the right time with the right people and the right words. Well, the same concept applies to a Kingdom Agent. Our duty is to implement and interpret the will of God in every circumstance while flowing in harmony with His Spirit. Here is where the source of our power lies. Learning to navigate and live in Him and He in us.

The kingdom of God does not come with signs to be
observed or with visible display,Nor will people say, Look!
Here [it is]! or, See, [it is] there! For behold,
the kingdom of God is within you
[in your hearts] 
and among you [surrounding you].
Luke 17:20b-21 AMP


Embedded in this heavenly DNA, we find a series of attributes outside of human standards that we, as His children, are supposed to carry. Attributes like: supernatural inward strength, knowledge, expertise, ability to go and achieve the “impossible”, conquest, eternal direction, power, invincibility, faith – even to achieve the craziest and wildest dreams. Practically all the attributes of heaven are shown in you as a representative of Him on earth.

In counterview we find we find a different nature, a nature implanted within us, a nature proper of the kingdom we are migrating from, a nature called “sarx”. Which comes from the Greek and means, “flesh” or “carnal”. This meaning has nothing to do with the human body. It is actually related to the human fallen nature and therefore it represents all that is weak, feeble or fragile. Antagonistic to the spirit, sarx feeds upon sin or rather, those things which are outside of God’s parameters. Characteristics of a sarx-lived life would be hostility, quarrels, disunity, having no respect for God’s or men’s government. Normally all this ends up bringing the individual to places he or she never desired to be. The Sarx Nature consumes. It does not know peace, but produces wounds to the one who carries it and to those around him.

In this way certain attributes of the enemy are actually discerned on the inside of us or at least aspects of his remaining nature still reside within. It’s important to search out and destroy any of this remaining nature.

The King of the Heaven above is called “the Father of Lights” therefore all His children beam light and His nature. There is peace and light as you progressively line up with Him. The unbalance from the past starts going away. If there was sickness, Life starts showing up instead.

In This day and Age

The Spirit of the Lord has placed the heart of a conqueror in many individuals of this time for a specific purpose. You are living in the right time and in the right season. He has seen that in many of you there is a sense of greatness and a passion to do great things for Him and for the Kingdom. He is pleased with this desire of the heart, but today he tells you “Conquer yourself, conquer your fears, conquer your natures, conquer your weaknesses. Give Me your heart and give Me your nature and I will give you a brand new heart. I will trade your nature for “Mine”. If you don’t conquer yourself, you run the risk of being conquered and therefore the chances of attaining that bright future are minimal…