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Spiritual Mapping Visions


I was for the first time in my life in a place dedicated for “open heavens”. Growing up in my parent’s church everybody would have always visions or dream dreams, except for me. There had always been prophetic words that I belonged in the prophetic arena, but I never experienced anything first hand. But now I suddenly found myself at a place of visions.

That night I decided to close my eyes in order to rest for a moment from the long day. Suddenly, I found myself in the foyer of a castle. A very wide stair leading to the second floor was right behind me. The interiors of the castle were very elegant and antique but not gothic. There was an angel standing right in front of me in the form of a dark skinned man. He told me “You are acquainted with all this section of the castle” pointing to his right, which was my left. To which I agreed by nodding at him, as I had theoretical knowledge about the Kingdom. But then he told me, however what you have ignored is this whole section of the castle, pointing to his left; as I turned to see what he was pointing at, I was able to see a corridor and there were many rooms on each side of the corridor. In every room there were pictures, paintings, boards, treasure chests (with jewels), tools waiting to be explored and discovered. Full access to this belongs to the heirs of the Kingdom! At the end of the corridor, there was a great ballroom (or feast room). I was in shock, I had ignored all this Kingdom experience all these years, I had only read it from records in the Bible, but never experienced it for myself until now.
Now we start spiritual mapping…


In the Spirit, I was taken to the castle of the Kingdom. I was attending a meeting, there were guards ushering in the chamber where I was heading for the meeting. I was allowed in. I realized I was there more to absorb information more than to speak. There were also other humans that were summoned to the meeting. Basically, it was training in order to learn the tactics the enemy would be using in the coming season.

There was like a half sphere coming up from the floor. We all stood around it. We knew the Holy Spirit was in charge of facilitating this training although we couldn’t see Him, we could feel that He was in charge. As we were looking right in front of us, we saw in a “vision” or an hologram what appeared to be a young man, right in front of him we saw a spirit of darkness raise up as an opponent and then we saw how that spirit of darkness sent his tentacle to touch his mind and then on the second touch the tentacle became a hook that snared his mind, creating an increasingly stronger grip on him. The spirit sucked the life out of him, until the young man became weak and feeble. Then once that spirit possessed all his life, he discarded of him.

This is how the enemy would attack specifically in this season. He will try to spiritually enslave the minds of our next generation and then once they are lifeless and fully corrupted, dispose of them.


I was taken in the Spirit into a vision. I saw myself in an area that resembled the Grand Canyon. In the middle of it, there was a library built upon one of the stone islands protruding from the bottom of the canyon. It was as if the construction was an extension of the column of stone it was based on, however it didn’t look rustic at all, it was a well finished library, no roof – librarians where all around. I was taken into the library by flying, one of the librarians -I guess he was like an angel- placed in my hands a book titled as “Ages of Mankind”. I opened it – it had no words, but the spiritual essence of it would convey the message. I opened it up and what I saw in the current age is that according to the Spiritual "Kairos or time" it is currently the “Age of Light”. I thought to myself “no wonder leadership on earth is changing from a positional leadership model to the fact that the people will follow whoever is shinning the brightest light.


The Holy Spirit gave me a vision. I saw myself in the middle of a desert. Far away, I was able to see a "mirage" of a city. It looked like a mirage for I was fainting, but it was very real. It was the Kingdom. All I knew is that I had to get myself to that city and to the doors of the city. Inside of the city there were buildings and houses. The street names were Justice, Peace, Righteousness all of them leading to the heart of the city – I was given this vision in my early stage of Spiritual progress, as I was morphing from religion into the Kingdom.


Just like there was a room designed for tactical intel in the Spirit, there was a room for learning. I saw myself in the castle probably I was on the third or fourth floor. I was coming up the stairs, there was a door and two guardians by it. Past the door, there was a room with students in it and there was Father God at the end of the room teaching them, He was seated on His Throne.
There were three walls in the room, the forth wall to left was actually a balcony, one could look down and see the gardens behind the castle which in this case was Eden. I was told the students were perfected spirits that had already left earth, but they still learn and are taught by God - just like it was originally designed for Adam and Eve to commune with - just like a Father teaches a son.

VISION 6 – Base Vision

I was in the sea of the Spirit, and I could see myself swimming. I could see the starry sky, the water was fresh and clean. It was as if this water had life within it. I know that water is vital for the human body, but this water was as if it would quicken you just by swimming on it.

I could see myself taking dips into the ocean. On one of those dips, I was able to see what I was doing under water level. Basically in that ocean there were treasure chests and one could find pearls and diamonds. As I was down there, I’d collect the pearls and the jewels in my pouch. And then as I emerged and came out of the sea, I remember that I would drop my pearls on good ground.

Interpretation: One of the things the Sea of the Spirit represents is the Word, as it is alive. The diving represents going to the depths of the Word and the pearls mean jewels of revelation.

If we are going to be having fellowship with God we must understand His realm and His language.


In a short vision, I saw myself in a base camp of the Kingdom. I would take a bow and I would start shooting arrows.

Interpretation: Training days in order to achieve Spiritual Mastery .– Prophecy and other Spiritual Arts could be considered spiritual weapons.


I saw Father God, we were somewhere in the galaxy, in what humans would call outer space. He was seated on His Throne, but we were not in the castle. I was able to see angels flying out from the chambers on the side of the throne. He told me “It is from here that I dispatch angels to all over the galaxy”


As I was worshiping…
Out of the blue I saw a sea established in heavens, a sea of crystal in calmness and beyond it there was a city that would beam out radiance so white as I had never seen before. The entire city was beaming out light.

Then still worshiping I came back to sensing my room, even though I was in it, I could see a refreshing rain falling upon it in the spirit.


[A vision inside of a vision – Spiritual Mapping]
I saw myself on the beach of the Spirit, it was night – I saw no clouds, just the stars, there was no darkness. I was able to see the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing over the palm trees, the white sand, the clear water. As I looked up, right above me, there was a whirlwind composed of glistening bright energy (as if it was alive – nothing in the Kingdom is dead) being formed, it was a portal. It sucked me in, as soon as I reached the other end, I was in a city built with walls and floors of gold. It was transparent gold. I had arrived on the outskirts of the city. There was light, a little bridge for pedestrians to cross over, and underneath there was a river of “liquid crystal”. That is the closest thing I can describe it as, but the truth is, there is no material like it on planet earth, that I have seen. I started walking in the city, the walls of the buildings were gold, transparent reflective gold – as if it was glass itself was gold. The Presence of God was resting over the heart of the city, as soon as I made a right to take one of the streets that would take me to the center of the city, as the first rays of Light of His very Presence touched my skin, I heard a voice say, “nothing impure has access to this city”. I was immediately ejected of that city. The next thing I see is myself in the first vision (or base vision), waking up from laying right underneath a palm tree right by the beach, the Presence of the Holy Spirit was still hovering over the trees.


I saw myself flying over what I call “City of God”. I wasn’t flying actually, it was my angel, he was carrying me from the straps on my back. It was the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The construction of the city is transparent gold. You actually see angels and humans interacting on daily affairs, “humans” are the purified souls that have already left planet earth to go back home. Humans were shown as spirits of white light while angels were represented in my vision as spirit of yellow or gold light, that’s how I was able to distinguish them. In the middle of the city there was a river of crystal clear water. At the heart of the city there was the palace or castle of God, glorious and magnificent in look – the height of it would surpass all the buildings of the city.

As we were still flying over the city, it would be normal to assume that if we are going to go into the castle we would have to enter through the door. But in this instance, the angel kept direct course to the wall like on the third floor of the castle; as I looked to the angel to say “we are going to crash” we just went through the wall and arrived to what we know as the “Throne Room”.

The Lord was on the throne and there was a great assembly. I asked the angel that had carried me, which was standing by my side, “Why am I here”, he said you are here to hear the decrees of the Lord in the advancement of His Kingdom.

There was an angel by the Lord, he had documents and as he passed them unto the Lord, the Lord was decreeing them:

1) For the enemy to back off and give up territory that he had gained over the children of the Kingdom

2) For a supernatural boost of energy to be conferred upon the children of the Kingdom

3) For supernatural wisdom, strategies and peace over the children of the Kingdom in order to facilitate the advancement of the Kingdom.


I was somewhere in the fields of the Kingdom, walking in the middle of a jungle and then I heard voices of kids laughing and having fun. I let the sound of their voices guide me, then behind some reed plants I was able to find a pool, just like in a water park, and there were kids refreshing themselves, having fun. A voice told me “this is the place where kids play”, the water was refreshing, when I went in, it lifted the weight of my human conscience. If you think of it, kids are in a state of innocence and unless we become like kids we’ll never access the Kingdom and the power contained within it.

The Kingdom is a place where you can develop, discover, learn, explore and be secure.